Some general policies for outside events include:

  • A Fair Grounds Contractual Agreement must be completed and signed to rent any facility on the fairgrounds. A refundable damage deposit is required. Contract and information is available at the Decatur County Extension Office, 812-663-8388.

  • Parking is free with 350 parking areas available. There are additional gravel parking areas and 14 acres of grassed parking.

  • Groups are restricted only to the buildings and areas specified on the contract. If more than one event is going on at the fairgrounds, renters will share all parking areas.

  • Due to a fire safety code, no doorways marked with an EXIT sign can be blocked in any way for any reason. When you sign your contract you will be given a form to fill out and turn in at the Greensburg Fire Department. This is required for ALL rentals at the fairgrounds.

  • Outside events are furnished with trash removal containers for all paper, waste, food remains, etc. in all areas including restrooms, kitchen, and outside areas. Renters are responsible for all clean-up and must return floors and equipment back to the original state of cleanliness. Entire areas used must be swept.

  • All groups using the fairground's facilities will be responsible for setting up and taking down tables and chairs and returning them to chair and table carts, unless prior arrangements are made with the fairground building and grounds staff. There is an additional set-up charge for this service.

  • Renter is responsible for all clean-up of all areas used. Livestock or small animal groups are responsible for the removal of all straw and/or refuse from the fairgrounds. This shall be completed within 24 hours after rental time expires. Damage/clean up deposit will not be returned unless clean-up is completed to Fair Board’s satisfaction.

  • Outside events may provide their own food service. There is also a Food Stand available for rent.

  • Beer/alcohol is permitted for public, NON-4-H events, with proper licensing, and renter must have hired, licensed bartenders. Bartender licenses and insurance information must be turned in to the Extension office before event.

  • A PA system and other A.V. equipment can be scheduled for an additional fee. Portable bleachers, stage, podium, overhead projector, overhead screen, electrical drops, are also available for rent.

  • Camper hook-ups with electric are available for rental on the fairgrounds. Showers are in the restrooms.

  • No nails or hooks, etc. shall be allowed on walls in any buildings.

  • No smoking is permitted in any building or barn.

  • A Certificate of Insurance showing comprehensive general liability coverage is required from any group charging admission, selling a product, or holding an auction. The Certificate of Insurance must be received two weeks before the rental date. For details on what insurance coverage is needed, please contact the Extension Office.

  • No sub-leasing of grounds.